Enviromental Policy  

Enviromental Policy

Demex Limited is fully aware of the part it plays in the wider global environment and its responsibilities for a greener future. We have been in the recycling industry for over forty years and continue to reuse and recycle over 97% of our waste arisings. However we are aware that this alone is not enough and therefore we have developed a programme to help reduce our current and future carbon footprint.

We have invested heavily in new plant and equipment that have the very latest efficient engines thus reducing our use of fossil fuels and improving our carbon emissions. Our transportation policy helps reduce journeys for our lorries and we have added trailers to our fleet to enable some journeys to be reduced by 50%.

We have created a natural habitat for wildlife on a section of our landfill site which has attracted local birdwatchers and wildlife groups. On our working sites we often provide protection for amphibious wildlife such as newts and frogs as well as providing bat boxes to re-site bats roosts. Often as part of our operations we clear away contaminated land as well as nuisance items such as pigeon droppings that can cause serious health problems thus re-creating a better environment for all.

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